Sudan Historical Photography Archive is overseen by the History Department, Faculty of Arts at Khartoum University. It is managed and coordinated by a team including:

  • Dr. Amel Suliman, Department Chair
  • Professor Fadwa Taha
  • Rebecca Glade

Others in the department have worked on different aspects of the project, particularly:

  • Professor Ibrahim Saghirun
  • Dr. Omer Abdullah Hummeida
  • Sulafa Ahmed Mohamed
  • Zahra Gebreel

The website is managed and run by the Technology Department of Khartoum, overseen and maintained by:

  • Eng. Yassir Hassan Elamin
  • Maowia Muhammad Sharif
  • Mashaer Hassan Bakri

It was designed with consultation and support from Columbia University Libraries and the Experimental Methods in Digital Humanities Group, particularly from Marii Nyrop, Jonathan Reeve, and Alex Gil.