Those interested in donating images to the archive should contact us either via email at or via Whatsapp at +249904696503. We will respond promptly and set up an appointment to meet and discuss the photographs to be donated.

On our first meeting, we will discuss the process of donating photographs and will ask questions to learn about the photographs to be donated, including what time period they come from and the nature of the images that they display. At that meeting, we will answer any additional questions the donors have and discuss the logistics of moving forward.

After the donor has selected which photographs to donate, we will sit down and sign a legal agreement outlining the permissions the donor has given for photographs to be stored in the digital archive and will designate which photographs can also be displayed on the archive’s website as part of a digital exhibition. We will go through all the images with the donor, gathering information as available on each image including the year it was taken, who the photographer was, who is present in the photograph, and any other details important to understanding the photograph.

After going through the photographs, we will take them to the digitization center at the History Department at Khartoum University, where we will scan them all and store them digitally in the archive, logging the information we recorded on each photograph to create the catalog entries for the images. After finishing, we will return the photographs to the donor along with a flash drive containing digital copies of all the photographs we scanned.

We request as well donation of photographic negatives. The process for donating photographic negatives is similar; we will begin by meeting with the donor and discussing the process, then going through the negatives, their history, and which photographs can be displayed on the website and which just in the archive. We will then reach an understanding on whether negatives themselves will be donated to the archive or whether their availability for digitization is being donated, and we will sign a legal agreement specifying to this. After, we will bring them to the digitization center, where we will clean and restore them whenever possible, then scanning them for storage in the archive. After that, we will either store the negatives or return them to the donor as agreed upon in advance, and we will provide the donor with a flash drive containing digital copies of all images donated.