The Sudan Historical Photography Archive is overseen by the History Department of Khartoum University as part of its broader historical photography library which seeks to provide a library of images on Sudanese history as a pedagogical tool and resource to Sudanese students and researchers. This library includes images and books that display all parts of Sudanese history.

The archive collects and preserves original photography from Sudan’s past, particularly old photographs taken by Sudanese photographers during the periods of the Condominium and early independence. While the archive is equipped to preserve negatives, the images themselves are scanned and stored digitally, so that they can be examined and searched easily by anyone consulting them. It is open to all students, researchers, and scholars interested in the history of Sudanese society.

To create this archive, we are seeking donations of photographs and negatives to be stored digitally in the archive. Photographs will be scanned and stored digitally, then returned to their owners. Photographic negatives will be cleaned and stored in negative sleeves in a climate controlled environment and will be restored whenever possible. All images donated to the archive will be digitized, with high quality digital copies returned to donors on a flash drive along with the physical photographs. Copyright of the images will remain with the donor; however, the archive will have permission to store the images and display selected photographs on its website.